Wheelskin Installation

Here's the installation of my Eurotone from Wheelskins. I ordered mine from Don at DC CarCare. He has the best prices on them I've found; and the service is quick and friendly.

You can see the colors here. I ordered a Grey and Charcoal Eurotone. You can also see that the leather is dyed all the way through.

Here I've stretched it over the wheel; size AXX is a good snug fit.

Here I've started the lacing. You spend a lot of time pulling all the cord through each hole. If you wanted to do a baseball stitch, I think there's enough cord, I had about 8 feet left.

Almost done!

Ready to tie. The instructions say to use a double (square) knot, I used a surgeon's knot.

The finished product; installation was easy, but took about 2 hours. The color match, while not perfect, is pretty good; well within the normal color range in the car.