Custom 6-Point Harnesses

Getting ready to run the Silver State Classic Challenge, I couldn't find any way to mount 5 or 6 point harnesses in the SS. So I visited a local shop that specializes in safety equipment (they do most of the Unlimited Hydro boats) and worked with them to come up with a reasonable solution. These are snap in (except for the submarine belts) and attach to the stock seat belt hardpoints with eyebolts (except for the submarine belts). The entire installation involved no holes in the body and took a long afternoon to install. The hardest part was jacking the body up about 1 1/2 inches off the frame to install the outer lap belt eye bolt nuts. This did not require loosening the body mounts.

I am offering these for sale. I am now ordering harnesses on an as-needed basis. You order one and I have it made. Turn-around time is typically about 4 weeks for latch & link and a couple of weeks longer for camlock. With the camlock latch shown, they are $265 per seat and with regular flip latch are $155 per seat. This includes all fasteners, and other colors are available. If you are interested, let me know by emailing me at sspiffytoo @

Purchase info is here.

Here's my wife who puts up with a lot where me, my car, and racing come in.....

Here's what the straps look like without the beautiful redhead.

Here is how the shoulder straps hook in to the car.

Here is what the rear looks like hooked up.

I decided to see if the harnesses could be used with the rear seat in. Looks good to me....

This is the latch type buckle. It is less expensive, but significantly bulkier when worn. I don't think the pink webbing is available, but if you REALLY want it, I'll see what I can do.

These are the colors available. The gray is a really close match and one of the sewers who uses a harness in his race boat says that the purple stays looking clean the longest.