Gene Bennett's Little Corner of the Universe

This site is a No Animation Zone

Not a lot to see on this page, because I like the index page to load quickly. I can't promise the same on the other pages, some have lots of photos, some are just large (all those links take up lots of room....) Here are my pages:

The someday to be worked on pages about my 96 Dark Green-Gray Metallic Impala SS.

Links to look at everyone else's Impalas and Caprices.

Links to commercial pages for vendors who (usually) offer products for our cars.

The suggestions from a survey I took for license plates for Impalas

The page dedicated to the 6-point racing harness I sell for these cars.

Installation of a Wheelskins Eurotone steering wheel cover.

Installation of a David Langness developed spoiler.

The most visible modification I have done to my car.

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